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What Red Tomatoes does differently in the world of recruitment

Publié le 14/09/2018 à 21:04,
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Have you taken a look at recruitment websites lately?

They all have the same vibe, the same lack of flavor. staffing firm And granted, a website does not represent all aspects of a brand, but it’s pretty much the calling card we all go by these days. Or maybe you have worked with a local staffing firm in the past and weren’t too pleased with the outcome.

Whether you are looking Red Tomatoes to hire a great team or you’re doing a relentless job search to become a part of one, the whole process is deeply personal. And yet, the majority of employment agencies out there operate on a highly impersonal level. And when they’re huge, things get REALLY impersonal.

Red Tomatoes recruiting .

Red Tomatoes staffing firm serving DFW brings a different flavor to the recruiting world. And yes, the tomato thing is deliberate.

For anyone to grow in relatively any facet of life, it is necessary to plant seeds and nurture relationships.

Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows. -Ben Stein. This is the underlying ethos, the groundwork of everyday operations at Red Tomatoes boutique staffing .

Things are going to get personal. Because they should.

Any owner or manager who has gone it alone on the hiring process knows it’s often a total crapshoot. The job seekers with glowing resumes who perform best in interviews can disappoint big-time once thrown in the mix of day to day business, and sometimes those job seekers that are the perfect fit slip through the cracks.

On the flip side, a behemoth staffing agency has just as many pitfalls. When there are too many candidates, the talent pool drops. And most of the time, these staffing networks have never even met with their candidates, or sometimes even their clients face to face.

Red Tomatoes staffing network is not interested in pulling insane amounts of prospective hires. They are interested in finding a small amount of truly talented professionals and connecting them with their clients whom they nurture a very special relationship with.

Hence, candidates are the “tomatoes” and the clients do the “picking”.

Red Tomatoes staffing agency in Texas evaluates potential clients and candidates on a personal, case-by-case basis. Although they are consummately open to new divisions as well as new ways of doing things, the top industries they serve are: Administration, IT, C-suite, Accounting, Marketing, Medical.

Red Tomatoes staffing network specializes in placing bilingual candidates in a variety of divisions. As the founder is originally from Colombia, this is a special niche they have developed with their contacts all around the world.

If you’re a tomato, you obviously want to get picked. But you need someone who treats you like a person, not a number (or worse, a dollar sign), to really get that position you know will put your career on the trajectory it needs to be.

And if you’re looking to pick the right tomato for your company’s flavor, you want to know these prospective employees are being vetted on a highly personal level to create the perfect match.